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From a six month long intensive coaching program, to life events designed to empower you, to in-person VIP coaching – Andreas Bauer Coaching offers many levels of coaching, consulting, and training for people with anxieties. The programs are designed to help a person with newly developed anxieties to a person with long time anxieties, from people who have worked on transforming their anxieties over a period of time and are looking for support to advance their success, to people who don’t know where to start.

My coaching programs are designed for giving you the tools to help you step into your next level of mastering your anxieties, staying in charge of your life when anxieties try to take over, and becoming able to break through the blocks and barriers that are holding you back from stepping into a bigger vision of you.

My Coaching Program

Deep Transformation Coaching Program

The Deep Transformation Coaching Program is designed to provide you with the tools to help you to create a clear understanding of and a bold vision for your life; to bring your unique gifts to the world in a big way; to increase your ability to make the difference you are here to make; and to discover deep rewards of what life has to offer to you.

This 6-months coaching program is designed for you, a person with anxieties who desires to make a substantial positive contribution to society without sacrificing yourself in the process.

The Deep Transformation Coaching Program is for you, if:

   • You want to achieve greater freedom from life-limiting anxiety and create a
      powerful attraction to what you want to be and do

   • You want to break free of limiting beliefs so you can finally enjoy the
      freedom you so deserve

   • You want to contribute to society and make a difference that will help you
      to make a bigger impact

   • You want to unleash the go-getter in you who wants to play big, and you
      are ready to turn your potential into reality and give it to the world

To learn more about the Coaching Program and how you can join,
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